Healing Your Body

Our Chakra online course is LIVE

It includes Rania's crystal healing sound bath recordings!

So even if you only listen to the recordings and do none of the homework your frequency will be elevated and her voice will bless you in ways beyond your wildest dreams.

Message from Rania:

"It took my awhile to get over my fear of not being good enough
but I’m so glad that I finally overcame it.
The stories I have been telling myself were that my voice wasn’t good enough and who am I to help anybody with my knowledge but I’m so glad I finally did it.
I hope my songs will vibrate into every cell of your body and help you heal.
I hope the knowledge that I’m sharing with you will alleviate some, if not all of the stress and worries you are feeling.
I hope this course will bless you as much as it has blessed me."
Peace and Love
✨Let's start today...✨

Your 7 Week Chakra - Vision Workshop awaits.


Do you need assistance with centering and grounding?

Are you slowing down..

Being distracted or are you encountering a feeling of uncertainty?

Do you feel powerless, uprooted, and weak?

Do you feel unstable and insecure?

Let us help you heal your Chakras.

Let us help you nurture yourself and take care of your well-being.

Let us help you to think clearly and to take the next step towards confidence in all that you do.

Let us assist you towards believing in yourself again.

Let's create new possibilities.


Let's start with the 7 week Chakra - Vision Workshop



What you are receiving:

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Vision guide
  • Daily goddess tarot card
  • Chakra balancing
  • Crystal healing
  • Sound bath
  • Frequency elevation
  • Meditation
  • Daily journal prompts
  • ~ LOVE ~

Chakra Love University

“You have been such a positive influence in my life. You seek the positive, you demand the positive, you always smile, you have the patience of a goddess, you won't let me fail, you believe in me when I'm in doubt and pissed. You heal me, you love me, feed me....geesh you are sunshine" ”


Chakra Love University

“I didn't know anyone really that caused me to step outside my comfort zone and love it. Just being in her presence will surely allow you to experience that stillness that oneness that peace you've been longing for. Without words her energy will teach you and guide you to be, to think to understand to create your own utopia and that's just a couple of hours with her, imagine having a couple of sessions with her your life will change for the best." ”


Chakra Love University

“Rania's energy can pull you into her utopia. Her stillness is just intoxicating and will stop you in your tracks, even after she's gone you still feel that peace that tranquility. Your mind remains in the present moment. You feel like you want more of it the clarity. It's as if her spirit has warped itself around you leaving you wanting more, but allows for you to create your own. Her energy doesn't take away from yours nor does it over take yours but it's a blue print for you to get you going.”